Financial Intelligence Classes!

We're poised to usher you on an empowering journey towards financial intelligence, diving into personal finance, investment strategies, and economic trends. Together, we'll lay a robust foundation for a financially astute future. Let's embark on this transformative adventure!


Our Groups

Penny Pals


Ages 4-5

Duration: 45 minutes

Cost: $70

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Nickel Ninjas


Ages 6-9

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $135

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Dime Dreamers


Ages 10-13

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $135

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Dollar Dominators


Ages 14-18

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $165

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Group 1:

Penny Pals (Ages 4-5 )

  • 01

    Introduction to Money: What is money, and why do we need it?

  • 01

    Understanding Resources: Recognizing the connection between resources and money.

  • 01

    Fundamental Planning: Grasping the basics of decision-making and financial planning.

  • 01

    Beginning Steps of Saving: Learning the importance of saving and simple strategies.

  • 01

    Interactive Activities: Participating in age-appropriate exercises to reinforce the learned skills.

Group 1:

Nickel Ninjas (Ages 6-9 )

  • 01

    This group forms the first step in our financial literacy journey where children start to understand the basics of wealth and its creation.

  • 01

    Understanding Work and Wealth: The kids learn the important difference between working for money and making money work for them, introducing them to the fundamental idea of investments and passive income.

  • 01

    Introduction to Saving and Spending: In this module, we help kids grasp the concept of saving, and differentiate between needs and wants. This essential skill helps in fostering the habit of saving and responsible spending.

  • 01

    Basic Risk Management: Children are introduced to the foundational concepts of risk and security, providing them a basic understanding of insurance and safety nets in financial planning.

  • 01

    Practical Exercises: We believe in learning by doing. Therefore, our young ninjas engage in fun and interactive activities that apply these financial concepts, cementing their understanding and making learning enjoyable.

Group 1:

Dime Dreamers (Ages 10-13 )

  • 01

    As our young learners step into the world of the Dime Dreamers, they get equipped with more refined tools for their financial journey.

  • 01

    Introduction to Assets and Liabilities: This module simplifies the concept of assets and liabilities, showing the kids why it's essential to accumulate assets and minimize liabilities for financial success.

  • 01

    Understanding Credit: We introduce the concept of credit at an early age, focusing on its basic uses and potential pitfalls, in an age-appropriate manner.

  • 01

    Risk and Diversification: Broadening the understanding of risk management, we present the principle of diversification, demonstrating how not to put all their eggs in one basket through relatable examples.

  • 01

    Financial Responsibility: Starting the conversation on financial responsibility, we discuss the basics of mindful spending, saving for a cause, and how every financial decision impacts them and their community.

  • 01

    Collaborative Learning: Group activities and discussions apply these financial principles, fostering a cooperative learning environment that encourages sharing and mutual growth.

Group 1:

Dollar Dominators (Ages 14-18 )

  • 01

    The Dollar Dominators program is designed to transition adolescents into young adults armed with essential financial knowledge and skills.

  • 01

    Introduction to Assets and Liabilities: Building on the basic understanding developed as Dime Dreamers, the Dollar Dominators course delves deeper into the meaning and implications of assets and liabilities. It emphasizes the power of growing assets, managing liabilities, and how this balance affects their financial future.

  • 01

    Understanding Credit in Depth: The course takes a more in-depth approach to the concept of credit. It not only emphasizes responsible credit use but also imparts knowledge about credit scores, the cost of bad credit, and how to use credit as a tool for wealth creation.

  • 01

    Advanced Risk and Diversification: The course amplifies their understanding of financial risk and teaches them the importance of portfolio diversification. It equips them with tools and strategies to balance risk and return in the context of their personal financial goals.

  • 01

    Scaling and Building Wealth: We introduce advanced wealth-building strategies in this course, such as investment in stocks, real estate, and mutual funds. The course also explains the power of compound interest and how it can be used for wealth accumulation.

  • 01

    Future Financial Planning: The course integrates a future-oriented perspective on finances, teaching them about planning for significant life events, understanding the importance of saving for retirement early, and creating financial safety nets.

  • 01

    Deepening Financial Responsibility: The Dollar Dominators course expands on the notion of financial responsibility towards oneself and society. It discusses ethical investing, the importance of philanthropy, and instills a sense of responsibility to use their wealth wisely for the betterment of society.

  • 01

    Practical Workshops and Collaborative Learning: The course includes hands-on workshops and group activities, designed to provide a practical application of financial principles. It fosters a collaborative learning environment and prepares students for real-world financial decision-making.

Enrollment Process:

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Kickstart the process by filling out our streamlined Registration form, which also enables you to arrange a personalized tour. This insightful tour showcases our state-of-the-art facility, introduces you to our passionate staff, and gives you a glimpse into our dynamic curriculum and activities. The information you provide sets the stage for your child's application process, should you choose to embark on this journey with us.

Step 3

Experience Firsthand

Immerse your child in our unique learning environment by booking a trial class. This real-world experience provides an invaluable opportunity to determine if our program aligns with your child's individual needs and aspirations.

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Secure Your Spot

Once satisfied, confirm your child's place in our program by signing the agreement and completing the necessary payment. This final step marks the start of your child's exciting journey of growth and development with us.

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Other Courses


Dive into the captivating world of chess, where every move is a lesson in strategic thinking and patience. In our fusion class, children experience the thrill of gameplay and get an enlightening peek into the art of decision-making. It's a tantalizing taste of our full-fledged chess course, designed to spark their curiosity and build a foundation for mastering the game.


Leadership skills are vital in all walks of life. Our Fusion Class includes a leadership role-play segment, providing students with a real-world experience of leading a team. They will understand the challenges and rewards of leadership, creating an urge to explore these skills further in our detailed Leadership course.

Feedback from parents:

We asked parents about their experience


The Leadership School has been a game-changer for my child. They have gained confidence, improved their communication skills, and developed a strong sense of responsibility. The practical exercises and real-life examples have truly made a difference. Thank you for providing such an enriching learning experience!


- Eugenia

Sasha's mom

The chess courses have been a wonderful experience for my son. Not only has he developed a passion for the game, but he has also enhanced his concentration and decision-making abilities. The interactive lessons and practice matches have been engaging and educational. Thank you for fostering his love for chess!


- Peter

Victor's dad


Frequently asked questions

What age groups do you cater to at The Chess & Wealth Club?

We offer programs for students aged 4 to 18, grouped into classes based on their skill level and age.

What courses do you offer?

We offer classes in Chess, Leadership, and Financial Intelligence. We also offer a special Saturday Fusion Class, which combines all three subjects.

What is your teaching methodology?

We use a fun and engaging approach to introduce beginners to the fundamental concepts of chess, leadership, and financial intelligence. Over time, we build on these foundational lessons with more advanced concepts and skills.

What feedback have you received from parents?

Parents have praised our programs for enhancing their children's confidence, communication skills, sense of responsibility, concentration, and decision-making abilities.

Do you offer scholarships or financial aid?

We currently do not offer financial aid or scholarships. We strive to keep our classes reasonably priced to make them accessible for as many students as possible.

What is your refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for our courses, but we do offer one replacement class if a student misses a class.

Do you provide employment opportunities for students?

While our main teachers are highly qualified professionals, we also provide early employment opportunities for our students, as we believe that teenagers should gain hands-on experience in paid projects from the age of 15-16.

Where is The Chess & Wealth Club located?

Our address is 2 Gold Street, Second Floor, New York, NY, 10038.

How can I contact The Chess & Wealth Club?

You can reach us via phone at (833)352-5888, fax at (888)806-1910, or email at

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